Sunday, November 04, 2007

Barn Door Meets Lock

When I was a little girl, hospitals were sparkling white. Everything looked and smelled clean. It was a fresh scent with a rubbing alcohol backnote. Everybody wore crisp, clean clothing and stray hair was non-existent. How times have changed. When mom had her gallbladder out a few years ago I saw some things that gave me pause. One of the nurses was typing at the medical station and sneezed all over the keyboard. Then the next nurse came in, typed for a while, touched a few things at the nurse's station and then left to work on a patient. Mom's doctor was dressed in a pair of saggy pants that he had to keep pulling up, even after he had washed his hands. I couldn't get her out of there fast enough.

Now antibiotic resistant staph infections are on the rise and one of the proposals is for hospitals and other entities to clean more. Well, duh.

As the bottom line became more important to hospitals than patient care, they cut back on what they considered "non-essential" services. One of the problems with corporate thinking is that "non-essential" usually means those on the bottom end of the pay scale. The ones that do the dirty work. Literally. Unfortunately this has not just been restricted to the medical profession. This same short-sighted thinking has been applied to schools, stadiums and other places where large crowds gather.

Did you know that it's hard to type and sing at the same time? The sound is pretty good on the new iMac, but the screen is huge in comparison to the laptop. I haven't really played with Leopard yet, I still have to buy a Firewire so I can transfer the data from the PowerBook, clean it up and sell it to a friend of mine. I'll be back to regular posting soon, as soon as I quit playing around with the new toys. I sort of miss my car, but gadgets have helped to mitigate the sadness.

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  1. Hey dere, Deb.

    I meant to comment when this was first up, then...I dunno wha' appened! Anyhoo, I was under the mistaken impression that I was staying safe by not overusing anti-biotics, or by using all the prescription. My friend who's a Dr. filled me in. It's all those others that used anti-biotics like aspirin that helped bring mrsa to fruition. Damn. It's simple to go across the border here(less than an hour's drive) and pick up all the anti-biotics you want.

  2. Aspirin is not an antibiotic, it is a pain reliever (one of the best), an anti-inflammatory and a fever reducer.

    Antibiotics are by prescription only (at least here in the States), but the real problem is because they are in most meats and poultry.

    Just like those extra hormones that are making the kids hit puberty earlier than they need to.

  3. Obviously you misunderstood what I was trying to say. Many people take anti-biotics for things that they think will be remedied by them. My mother-in-law is one such person, as his her daughter. No prescription needed to purchase anti-biotics in Mexico.

    Did you really think that I didn't know what aspirin is?

  4. It's all those others that used anti-biotics like aspirin that helped bring mrsa to fruition.My mistake, but it can be read two ways.