Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

Alameda County police are going to start scanning the irises of sex offenders and collect them in another database. It sounds good until you realize that with very little effort, people's rights are being infringed upon and terminated. Just being a passenger in a car will be considered a good enough reason to scan you.
"The way the technology is evolving, there will be a hand-held camera in six months," Melley said. In the future, he said, "an officer will be able to have a hand-held iris recognition scanner on his or her belt, and as part of a routine traffic stop could simply ask the driver and/or passengers to look into the camera."
In other news designed to increase hysteria, there is more to this story than meets the eye. In this day and age there is very little about childbirth that isn't managed to the nth degree. Her doctor had to have known throughout the pregnancy that she was a Witness and should have been prepared. For the story to say that she died because she refused blood is irresponsible. I'm not a Witness and I also refuse blood transfusions, they could have made plans beforehand.

Bush doesn't care one whit about what Congress, the nation or anyone else thinks. Like most megalomaniacs he believe that he's right and everybody else is wrong. Vetoes, signing statements and executive orders are the way he subverts the Constitutional process and the people's will. There won't be much in the way of a recognizable Republic when he gets done. Obviously, just the way he wants it.

Is our economy in trouble? If it isn't, why are rap stars starting to use Euros in their videos? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Back to the whittling down of the former Bill of Rights. The government position on email seems to be that if you sent it, then the government has the right to read it because you have no expectation of privacy since you used and ISP. How else is it supposed to arrive at its destination and why would I think that if I've addressed it one individual that others should read it along the way?

Iris scanning, GPS locators, illegal tapping of phones and people turning in other people because they are scared and suspicious of their own shadow. They think terrorists are everyone but them. If you suspect something you should report it. Now, who thinks that they are safe? If someone on the street doesn't like the way you look or act, you could find yourself in jail and having to defend yourself against accusations that are nowhere near the truth. Meanwhile, Osama sits halfway across the world laughing at how little it took to disrupt our freedoms and force a change in our way of life. To something a little closer to the Taleban model.

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