Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cranky Saturday Links

We've gone completely nuts. In our efforts to control every segment of a person's life, Prince George County in Maryland has decided that if parents won't vaccinate their children, they can go to jail and pay a fine. Is there any aspect of life that the government doesn't feel like interfering with? Considering that so many schools have a no hugging policy, why do kids need to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B? Are they swapping needles and having unprotected sex in the school bathroom? If so, they have a much more important problem. And why isn't the cervical vaccine required?

United we stand, divided we fall. Ever since Reagan destroyed the Air Traffic Controllers Union, employees from every walk of life have continued to lose money, benefits and respect from their employers. Job protection is nonexistent and retirement is out of the question for those on the the lower end of the pay scale. Work until you die, as long as the people on top can vacation when and wherever they want and then come home their McMansions. Meanwhile, the little people scrimp, save, and suffer for the good of their masters employers and are supposed to be grateful that it isn't worse. Strikes do work, but in other countries they manage to do it all at the same time. It has more of an impact that way.

There should be more feel good stories like this one. Once again high school students kicked some major collegiate ass in a science competition. Proving that one doesn't always have to attend the best school to have the better ideas.

Now all they need is to change the color of the uniforms to match the brown nosing jackboots. Or as we used to say when I was in, "if the CO makes a right turn, the people following will break their neck."

Just think, if you have neighbor issues this can lead to a whole new level of harassment. Right now it depends on parental consent, but the Fourth Amendment is on life support and most Americans (especially the ones who think they won't be affected) are willing to pull the plug. I wonder what the whackos who think that assault weapons for "hunting", think about this plan. While I may not be a fan of assault rifles, I am a fan of search warrants and due process.

Saturdays are supposed to be peaceful and pleasant, so I'm going to go outside and play.

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