Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday Morning

What a cool toy! When I was a kid, I always had a difficult time focusing binoculars and microscopes. The ability to have your television magnify what interests you by 200x is going to send a lot of junior geeks into nerd heaven. Since real chemistry sets (I spent hours with mine and had to promise not to try and blow anything up) are out of the question, it is going to be difficult to encourage budding scientific minds, but this should help. Where are our next generation of inventors going to come from if everything is restricted? And the really sad part is that we are still going to have terrorists and drug users, we just won't have scientists.

GreaseMonkey has some pretty useful scripts for Google Reader and one of them is the ability to view the original article in Reader. You can make comments or reorder your NetFlix queue without leaving the page.

The Economic Consequences of George Bush have been pretty clear to me for quite a while and unfortunately, are finally becoming clear to others. Whether or not it is in time for us to salvage our country is a matter for debate, but it doesn't look good.

Another interesting article on race and IQ. My question is this. Where do I fall in this theory? Dad was obviously black, but incredibly smart and yes he did have a big head, Mom is "white" but one of her grandmothers was of Mongolian descent and her father was Jewish. As multi-racial children increase, won't that change the IQ stats?

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