Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Economy And BS

Great, just great. She screwed the country by retiring and leaving the way open for the Supreme Court to remove every gain that women and people of color had made in the last forty years and now the husband that she supposedly did all this for, has forgotten her and moved on to a new love. Meanwhile, the country is still stuck with the guys that want a return of the Leave it to Beaver lifestyle.

Zach Quinto really does look like a young Spock. Supposed spoilers for Star Trek XI can be found here.

Why yes, my brothers and I are worse off than my parents at the same point in life. Why do you ask? Do we have college degrees? Why yes, yes we do. One of us is a computer whiz and the other two have Master's degrees. And our "IQs" (those standardized tests that blacks aren't supposed to do well on) start in the early 130s and work their way up. We don't speak "ghetto" either. Maybe the world isn't as friendly as some think?

Proving once again that you can do anything you want with statistics, the WSJ tries to say that only rich people have suffered financially in the last few years. What a load of crap! Just because those of us on the bottom seem to be making more money, they conveniently forget that the price of everything has gone up and that the money doesn't go as far. While mom's social security has gone up every year, she has less disposable money because food and rent costs take up a disproportionate amount of her check. She definitely can't afford the new Nokia with its embedded sapphire since it is almost two months worth of money to her.

I've been hanging out at Gun Toting Liberal for the last few days. Interesting site with well thought out posts about things that interest me.

More Bushit. The man has no shame. Or compassion. But he can certainly play politics, especially with other people's lives. Screw the kids (again!), build more bombs, invade other countries to bring democracy to those who don't want it. No child left behind. Indeed.

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  1. What a bittersweet story about the O'Connors. Strange, but I guess they're happy that he's happy...