Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This 'N That

Now that's not fair! Though I will admit that if I start researching recipes, I do get a little more creative.
For many cooks, the compulsion to add to the mash is irresistible. It starts with a few parsnips, some carrot and celery root, a little Web research. Next thing you know, fresh lavender and goat cheese are on the shopping list.
I've tried goat cheese in my mashies but I admit to preferring the taste of simple mashed potatoes. I do like to add spinach to the mashies for Thanksgiving. It tastes great and it's another way to sneak in a vegetable. Plus, it doesn't matter what kind of potato you use. And the lavender makes a nice herb butter to go under the skin of the turkey. I'm going to brine my turkey this year, the last time I did it, it was the best tasting turkey I had ever made.

Have you ever wondered what earth-rise looked like? In HDTV?

Pretty soon most Mac users will have upgraded and the furor will die down, but you have to love it when Apple kicks Microsoft ass.

I have to agree with Dr. Haig. Sometimes you have to know when to punt. I just don't know why he let it go on so long. Patients that want you to do all the work for them, while they tell you everything they want done, rarely get better. They're really not interested in getting better, it's a control issue for them and as long as there is a problem, they feel in control.

Comcast sucks. Fortunately I can't get it where I live and if I was forced to use it, I would do without. They charge too much, provide lousy service and I just don't like them.

Update: Fixed the Comcast link.


  1. Mebbe it's the Irish blood, but my daughter and I can sit down and eat just mashed 'taters. Sometimes with a side of some steamed veggy. Yeah! I did learn a few things I was doing wrong though. I can't wait to experiment.

    On a side note, your Comcast link is the Dr. Haig story, again.

  2. Thanks trog, I fixed the link. Mashies rock. It's what makes Shepherds Pie so good. :)