Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If They Only Had A Brain

The Tin Man is coming. There have been many variations and visitations to the Land of Oz over the years and this one looks pretty good.
Trujillo added that The Wizard of Oz, the 1939 movie also based on Baum's book, differs significantly from Tin Man. "The original film is dated, and it's romanticized, and it's more innocent, and it was reflective of the time," Trujillo said. "So I think something a little grittier, a little darker, a little bit more foreboding was called for." Tin Man will premiere on Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
I love all things Oz, so I have to ask, what movie is this man talking about, did he not see the flying monkeys? I was forty years old before I saw the movie from start to finish. And that was without the Dark Side of the Moon enhancement.

What a tool. Who the hell is Juan Williams and what gives him the right to perpetuate the very old and tired canard that racism isn't responsible for black people not succeeding, it's that the hundreds of thousands of black people who grew up and are living in areas where there is neither decent housing, food, transportation or schooling, it's their own fault because they don't try hard enough? And I hate to break it to him but we are all one race, and when most people see a black person, they don't wonder if they are a "good" black or a 'bad" black, they just see black and think what they've been told by the media. I don't listen to rap, but an awful lot of people besides blacks are buying it. I hear it boom from cars that don't contain any black people, so it isn't responsible for the decades that have passed without the majority of blacks being able to work their way out of poverty but it did help a select few to get away from the ghetto.

When I worked at Universal Studios in the eighties, the secretaries noticed that even though we were union, if a guy started in the mailroom he didn't stay there or progress up the clerical ladder. In very little time (like under a year), he was the assistant to someone and then a year later one of us would be his secretary. It was quite consistent and talent had nothing to do with it. Did it mean that the women weren't trying to get ahead? No, it meant that we weren't part of the boys club. Just like blacks aren't considered to be human. Until it's time to blame them for not succeeding and brainwash the majority into believing that even though they don't have any opportunities whatsoever, it's their fault because they aren't trying to grab a piece of the American dream.

Which doesn't exist for the average citizen either, but why split hairs at this point?

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