Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thinking About Things

When I used to practice acupuncture, one of the things I told parents was that their kids were at a greater risk of osteoporosis than previous generations. Kids no longer live the life portrayed in The Sandlot. The idea of playing outside with your friends all day long has been replaced by computer games, television, Ritalin and ridiculous amounts of useless homework. Not only do they not get enough calcium in their diets to build their bones, but they also drink too much soda which has the opposite effect. Old age is not going to be pleasant for the younger generation.

When did pregnancy become a disease? All those scans and tests and we are still near the bottom in infant mortality. Oh well, as long as they weren't aborted.

It's such a shame about Sean Taylor. What a waste of talent. From what little I've read, it seems that there might be a chance that this was no accident. Somebody had it in for him. Rest in peace, hopefully they will be able to find your killer.

Maglev trains. Every decade or so, they start talking about building them here in the US. I guess it's that time of the decade.

So much for improving my cooking skills. The Rachel Ray Network has canceled Emeril Live due to "contract issues". Mom is really bummed. She likes the band and the interaction with the audience. I'm tired of watching people giggle and eat, I want to watch them cook. No more Mario, and the wrong guy won the Next Iron Chef (Michael Symon giggles like a teenage girl) and isn't nearly as easy on the eyes as John Besh. I hope nothing happens to Alton Brown, he's both cute and informative.


  1. I like on the Food channel and Emeril and...I love Rachael Ray as well as every one else.

    I like all the cooks on the show. I just do not think that I should be critical about any of them. They are not entertainers but Chefs.

    It is difficult in front of the camera. Emerils first show was a flop. He could barley talk. I just watch for the recipes not the personality.

  2. I want them to cook, not eat. And especially not talk with food in their mouths. They show restaurants from all over the world, but tips on shopping and prepping are in short supply lately.

    Considering how obese people in America have become, maybe they should spend an hour or so a day teaching us how to cook like a restaurant instead of go to one.

    Emeril did that, Sara did that and Mario did that. Rachel is good for the beginning cook, what about the rest of us?