Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

Johnny hasn't been able to read for many years now, which is how we ended up with George. While reading may have been fundamental at one time, kids nowadays don't have time for those extra vowels and consonants. It's much more fun to play video games, Twitter and check out Facebook than it is to concentrate on something that doesn't give feedback.

Yeah, we know. I can hardly wait for the next stab in the back.

The tide that was supposed to lift all boats, hasn't. All those people that supported cutting back government aid to those in need never thought that it could happen to them. It's tough to help your fellow man when you need the same help. Food pantries (whose choices are not always the healthiest but they are cheap) are unable to keep up with the increased demand and the reduced donations. And it isn't even winter yet.

Well, what did you expect? And nowadays so much counts as a sex crime. Their names, photos and addresses (if they have one) are available on the internet and they are prevented from living a normal life. While I may think that certain sex offenders should be sliced and diced before being shot and hung, not everyone that has the label, has been involved in a sexual act with a minor. That was recently brought to my attention from someone I know. He is now accused of a felony (after originally being convicted of a misdemeanor) for failing to register on his birthday because he thought that when he moved three weeks before and went and registered that, that he was covered. He couldn't have been more wrong. Between them and the pot smokers the police don't have time to solve murders or deal with any of the gang activity. Gotta have our priorities straight.

Oh goodie, we must be safe now.

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