Friday, November 09, 2007

Thinking About Things

In a Republican world, veterans who are injured should be helped by the generosity of their betters. So far, so good. The American people believe in helping others out in times of need and generously donated hundreds of millions to charity. Unfortunately, due to that same old American entrepreneurship, a good proportion of that money never made it to the people who needed it the most. War profiteering from recruitment to grave, they have no shame.

Fifty percent of the country is suspected to be suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome and with a little more than 437 days left in his Decidership, that number can only grow. He might end up uniting the country after all.

Once again the crime of rape is trivialized and the defendant never serves his sentence. If it had been a murder conviction he would have been returned to jail to serve out his sentence, rape should be no different. Just because everyone dropped the ball it shouldn't mean that the victim gets no justice. Mychal Bell has served more time.

The Jena 6 drama continues. This is more about revenge and punishment than justice. There will be no mercy.

Could it be that women are single because it's less hassle? Romantic comedies have nothing to with my reasons for being single. Isolation and a lack of worthy candidates has more to do with it. At our age everyone has baggage. Some of us have steamer trunks and some of us have carry on. It's hard to match up.


  1. An interesting collection of thoughts. Especially in regards to veterans, it is amazing how little we support our soldiers once they come home. That has changed very little for a long time.

  2. Our troops, veterans and their families are the only Americans paying the price for the decisions of this administration. It is way past shameful, but nobody cares. It's too much trouble. It truly breaks my heart.