Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thoughts And Memories

Shades of Samuel Mudd. Why didn't they just hang him? Twenty-five years for providing health care, but only fifteen years for providing hand to hand combat training. Meanwhile our soldiers and Blackwater security guys can rape, kill and torture with impunity. We have lost our freaking minds. And all sense of normalcy, decency and any semblance of the moral high ground.

I've been reading since I was three and the only way my parents could get me out of the house was to throw me out. If computer toys had been around back then, they never would have been able to separate me from information gathering. Some kids are suited for action toys, and some aren't. Legos and Barbies never interested me but I still remember my first record player. I was six and it lasted until I was fourteen, when my baby brother took it apart to see how it worked.

My first records were Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka, The Loco-Motion by Little Eva. a couple others I don't remember, and my all time Christmas favorite, The Chipmunks (Christmas Don't Be Late). I played it so much that it disappeared. Just in time for the holiday season, they are back with a movie to go with the song.

For all of our history, we have been able to explore new lands but now there are none left. Unless we go into space. Why is it taking so long? In the middle of the twentieth century it took twelve years to go from Sputnik to landing on the moon and now it looks like another twelve before we do it again. What the heck is the holdup? If it only had something we needed...


  1. "Why is it taking so long?...What the heck is the holdup?"

    Deb, the beings that inhabit the other celestial bodies in the universe told us when we landed on the moon, "Get your asses back down there to Earth and STAY there until you're more civilized."

  2. They weren't so nice with the Mars landers for a while. Plus the last week of January, beginning of February is a lousy time to try to go into space.

    They probably consider us a virus that needs to be contained.