Friday, November 30, 2007

Under Color Of Authority

Normally, no one wants an employee who makes mistakes that cost the compay money.
After all, nobody wants a worker who keeps making the same mistake, and “if we fail and don’t learn from it, it’s not an intelligent failure,” he said.
And then, unfortunately for us, there's the Bush Administration.

Excuse me? Atheism has led to the greatest cruelties and violations of justice of all time? The Pope is off his rocker. Again. The Crusades must have slipped his mind. Along with the Salem Witch trials, Northern Ireland, the Thirty Years War and even more importantly, priests who sexually prey on those they are supposed to give guidance to, like children.

Speaking of stupidity, wanting to have a woman executed because some seven year old kids named a doll Muhammad and your name (like so many others in your country and around the world) is also Muhammad, is just a little strange. As well as confusing to little kids.

Innocent and still served time
. How can a lawyer forget his client is in jail? Obviously the defendant wasn't the one paying the bill, because he would have noticed when he wasn't paid.

Every once in a while justice is served.

Oh great. Flying taser ships for the cops to use to subdue suspects and crowds. Sounds more like the infancy of Skynet.

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  1. It's a bit lengthy, but a good view of how all the fake religions, and they're all fakes, have manipulated our history can be found at
    The Irish Origins of Civilization.
    Don't let the title mislead you; the author takes us far back before there was an "Ireland".