Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tortured By Twinkies

And I though Clinton's women were lacking in the looks department. As expected, San Francisco's traitor does what she does best. Whatever Bush wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. Just like a well paid lady of the evening. I wonder if Condi realizes she has been replaced. Or, as someone so crudely put it, "Feinstein is living proof that assassination works". On the bright side, she never has to look for a Halloween costume, evil never seems to go out of style.

Dumber than a box of rocks. Given the administration's previous track record, if she and Schumer believe anything that the administration's shills "promise", they should be locked up in an institution. For stupidity unbecoming a human being.

Rage and cave. Indeed.

See how easy it is to impose martial law? We could easily be next. Close down the newspapers, radio and tv stations, all conveniently owned by Bush buddies; restrict travel, suspend elections, arrest the liberal members of the Supreme Court and declare Congress more useless than they already are and you're officially in the dictator business.

Never having to worry about another veto. Priceless.



  1. Deb, babe, you and I are thinking along exactly the same wavelength. Today, Suze and I put up five posts and among my four I tackled exactly the same subjects that you had: Busharraf's martial law and Feinstein's (and Schumer's) treason in backing Mukasey.

  2. But BushCo doesn't like it when other countries declare martial law! Why is that, I wonder?