Friday, November 02, 2007

Waterboard, Shuffleboard, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

They are not the same. Seriously, how incompetent and out of touch are the crew without a clue? Supposedly they were caught off guard (Different circumstances, same reaction to everything that doesn't immediately go their way. Remind me again, why is it that they are qualified to lead?) by the opposition to Mukasey as Attorney General. Poor widdle babies.

Torture is torture, period. You can try to change the name, the description or give an "aw shucks" response, but bemusedly condoning the techniques and despicable behaviors used by the Spanish Inquisition, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, but not by the Nazis, aren't really the qualities most Americans are looking for in their Attorney General.

In all fairness, most politicians don't exhibit any of the qualities that most Americans prefer in their close neighbors. I guess when you live in a McMansion, behavioral requirements and attachment to reality are a little bit different.

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