Thursday, November 15, 2007

Two For Thrusday

No wonder this country is falling apart. 1500 students at NYU are willing to give up their vote for life, if they are paid a million dollars. 90% of those students also feel that voting is important and 70.5% of those feel that one vote can make a difference. What happened to logic? Oh yeah, most of those students came from high and upper middle class homes. They should have their right to vote taken away permanently. They also shouldn't be allowed to breed.

It's electronic recycle day here in Silicon Valley. Microsoft is collecting tvs, monitors, cellphones, etc. as gesture of good will. If you aren't here, remember that Costco will also do the same. They also give you a nominal amount of money.


  1. What happened to logic?

    I'd say it was bought out in a hostile takeover by Million Bucks, Inc.

  2. It left the building with Elvis.

  3. Hey- you invented a new day of the week!
    Rick J

  4. That's because I'm done with the week. Or, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    How the heck did I miss that?