Wednesday, December 05, 2007

On A Personal Note

The accident debacle is over. The insurance company totaled the car and I used the money to buy a used sedan, a new television and an iMac. I had to retake my written driver's test, take a totally different vision test and the most involved driving test that should be a requirement for everyone. I passed all the tests and the DMV accepted the note from my doctor saying that it was okay to drive with my right foot, so they sent me a letter saying that the matter was closed.

My insurance company found me 100% at fault but they didn't cancel me or raise my rates. All in all I was a very lucky girl.

Mom has been deteriorating quickly. I left a very angry message with one of my brothers that after the holidays I am going to put her in a home. I haven't heard anything from them because it doesn't make a difference in their lives. It totally rearranges mine.

My thyroid has completely shut down and I'm probably going to have to go on medication. I'm never warm and the weight keeps piling on no matter what I do.

Shadow and Shai Shai are sort of getting along. Shai tolerates Shadow and Shadow begs for attention. It's pretty funny. Dogs are the best.

Worker's Comp is supposed to be scheduling me for a QME on my foot and knee. Not bad, that only took the better part of two years. It turns out that riding a bike to help my knee was destroying my foot, which is what caused the car accident. So, now I have a bike I can't use and have to fork out money every month to go to the gym and use the elliptical machines. Life is so much fun.

Oh well, off to the gym.

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