Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two For Tuesday

Watching America change into the scared kid from a teenage movie that keeps sucking on his inhaler, has been really hard on me, both personally and professionally. People watched the money shot from 9/11 over and over again until it froze the logic circuits in their brain. Surprise and horror gave way to sustained fear. Fear of everything and everyone. I'll never forget the guy who was stripped naked and hosed down on a San Jose runway because some woman freaked out for no reason.
The confetti incident, a true classic, occurred Saturday morning on United Airlines Flight 1669 from Chicago to San Jose, Calif. When the plane landed, with area hospitals on full alert, local and federal emergency teams stormed on board to grab the hapless passenger who caused the in-flight emergency by opening a greeting card from his girlfriend. Inside the card was some star-shaped and heart-shaped confetti glitter that spilled out and terrified a fellow passenger, who decided the plane was under bioterrorist attack.

Emergency workers ''stripped the man of his clothing, hosed him down, dressed him in a protective suit and removed him from the plane, hands behind his back,'' according to The Mercury News of San Jose. About 80 passengers were quarantined and questioned on board until health officials sounded the all-clear three hours later.
Hardly anybody remembers anthrax anymore, but we are still scared of the dark. People that is.

Good grief! Does this man ever shut up? It's hard to believe he's still babbling with his feet in his mouth. Every time Bush opens his mouth he reveals ever deepening layers of immorality, cluelessness, outright stupidity and sheer evil. This man wants to go to war at any cost and he doesn't care who gets hurt. Actually, the more the merrier. He wants World War III and uses every opportunity to try and accomplish his goal. I said he was the AntiChrist in 2000 and absolutely nothing he's said or done since then has changed my mind. Only confirmed my suspicions.

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