Friday, December 21, 2007

Sarcasm Central

Good grief, she's not Amy Winehouse. Suspending a seventh grader for receiving a chocolate candy that had a half ounce of vodka in it seems to be a little extreme. She might not have known that the vodka was in the candy. Obviously the person who turned her in for receiving a gift knew what was in it, shouldn't they have been questioned a little more thoroughly? What about the friend who originally brought the candy, was she suspended too? Otherwise some might think that the school had it in for this student.

Duh! was popular as a news topic this morning. They didn't call it that but rational people saw it coming. Unfortunately, none of them are running the country. Whereas these jokers are running the country into the ground, which is why they don't care about the people or the air they breathe.

No kidding? There was fraud involved in the mortgage meltdown? Wow, who would have guessed?

Of course they did. It was a foregone conclusion. What Katrina started, the politicians decided to finish. The destruction of low income housing. They've done their best to make sure that the residents had nothing to come home to. Now that they have no trailers and no affordable apartments the next thing the council will probably do is to outlaw homelessness.

Welcome to America.

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