Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday's Oddities

Synchronized global orgasm day. What will they think of next? December 22nd at the exact moment of the solstice, 6:08 GMT, otherwise known as 10:08 pm (you can find your time here) on the West coast. That makes it Friday night, some people should be participating.

So much for getting rid of Saddam Hussein and his torture chambers. The devil you know and all that. No matter how much the crew without a clue tries to spin it, Iraq is NOT better off than before we invaded it, destroyed their infrastructure and returned their women to the dark ages.

Taking care of my mom is a solitary enterprise, in more ways than one. My brothers contribute neither money nor time but at least they have quit criticizing. I get no breaks except for when I hang out with the BARBarians, so yes, I am quite resentful of the load. It doesn't matter how much I beg, plead or whine, they won't take her for even one weekend. It's been almost eight years and other than a few meals, I have carried the load myself. I'm certainly not going to see a movie that has any relationship to my life. I'm depressed enough.

Bushies never met a side of the coin they couldn't turn to their advantage. Like most people, I want to breathe clean air. Most people doesn't seem to include the EPA or members of the Bush administration. In my American Government class we were taught that the states could have stronger laws than the Federal government but not weaker ones. Which is why the Bush administration feels that they can ignore the states who have changed their marijuana laws and conduct raids on dispensaries. Now they feel that California's laws are too stringent.

These guys are making the Rapture look appetizing. If only to get rid of them before they destroy the world.

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  1. The fire in Shooter's suite indicates that (pardon pun) they're starting to feel the heat.

    I would imagine they'll beg whoever takes over for them to issue pardons. And some of the declared candidates (all but 1 of the Goppers and at least 1 of the dems) wouldn't hesitate to do it.