Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Mutterings

No wonder there is a war on drugs, the crew without a clue doesn't want to share. The idea that businesses are going to spend $50 billion on new equipment is probably correct, the problem is that since their factories are no longer in the United States, that is another $50 billion that won't trickle down to the US consumer. Same old, same old. Bushit.
Moreover, even if you do somehow manage to increase spending, that doesn't mean you'll put Americans to work. More likely, you'll put Asians to work producing goods for the U.S. market
Big Brother and some other not so trustworthy people are watching you. More and more. The privacy of your own home is rapidly becoming a fiction, as technology continues to provide myriad ways for you to be tracked. Hopefully once the sensors realize I'm broke, they'll stop sending targeted data. Sheesh, I might as well believe in Santa Claus if I think that's likely to happen. What's more likely is that you will be prevented from entering stores and restaurants you technically can't afford.

Those wacky Brits. The responses to "Don't treat the old and unhealthy" are quite interesting. And informative. They just don't seem to have as many judgmental people in England as we have in the States. On the whole, most responders are aghast at the notion that those who have paid into the system the longest, that would be the elderly, should not receive medical care. There was the Soylent Green comment from one, how did my brother get to England?, but the majority feel that the doctors are overpaid and underworked, that the government has mismanaged funds and that there are way too many paper and pencil pushers in the system. And one or two who believe that if they privatized the system that costs would go down and care would go up. The American model shows that isn't the case.

Once again, the elections are going to suck. Obama wins in South Carolina. What is it with these inbred states? Edwards gets short shrift from the media and the unwitting (in more ways than one) populace follows the corporate bouncing ball. While the Republicans worry about voter id cards, we all should be thinking that there should be a minimum IQ requirement. Nobody under 115 should be allowed to vote. Or run. Of course that would leave out the current prez, which would definitely have been a good thing. And Caroline, don't make me puke. Obama is nothing like your father, he engenders not one whit of hope in me. Your father served his country with honor, both in the military and as President. This guy just talks. A lot. With nothing to offer except empty rhetoric. Gaak! Even the Chronicle has drunk the kool-aid.

When you're lost, you should always go back to the beginning. While it may have worked for Inigo Montoya, it's probably too late for the US. Inconceivable!

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