Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Morning Quickie

Well, isn't this something? Seven years into the worst presidency in our history with supposedly a year to go and now impeachment is on the lips of people who should have spoken up before the country drank the kool-aid? From reading the comments it is obvious that the 23% are determined to hold on to their fantasy and are more than willing to ignore facts. Just because in the very near future they won't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of is no reason to look at the damage perpetrated on this country by draft dodging war mongers. They actually don't care about the troops who are dead or wounded, they definitely don't care about the Iraqis who were supposed to be helped by the overthrow of Saddam and it's painfully obvious that they don't care about the Constitution. There isn't much left of America except the name.

As if the United States would be that lucky. It's probably the only thing that the crew without a clue has anticipated. Hmm, a former American making threats on behalf of al-Qaeda. It's almost funny.

Currently it costs me about $60 to fill up the gas tank, so I drive as little as possible. Each week I try to buy extra of things that can be stored, like toilet paper, kleenex, and other staples because I know those prices will go up and the less I have to buy in a few months, the more likely I will still be able to put gas in the vehicle.


  1. 30 Dollers to fill a petrol tank. My last fillup was £55 GBP. This is about 110 dollers. (Volvo V70)

  2. Excuse me, that was $60 to fill up a tank on a car that gets really crappy gas mileage. If I had money, which I obviously don't, I would by a car with much better gas mileage and I would still cut back on my driving.

    Also, our public transportation sucks the big weenie. As in practically nonexistent so I have to spend more money just to do basic things. The nearest grocery is five miles away and I live in the city.

    Very irritating, to say nothing of expensive.