Saturday, January 19, 2008

This 'N That

Poor O'Lielly, he thinks Edwards is out of touch with reality, methinks it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black. A new generation of homeless veterans, now who could have foreseen that? Anybody but the crew without a clue and there clueless supporters.

Now that the United States has justified preemptive strikes, everybody's doing it. Are we going to have duck and cover videos to go along with sealing our windows with duct tape? Reagan must be spinning in his grave so fast that he could be a whole new source of energy. Non-nuclear of course.

The United States of Everybody but Americans is coming right up. Bought and sold to the highest bidder. While Lou Dobbs worries about a border fence to keep illegals from taking American jobs, the companies themselves are being bought by non Americans. At this rate we are going to be illegal workers in our own country.

The plot of the latest Die Hard movie is looking more plausible (minus the explosions and gun battles) every day.



  1. The web is full of odd information - if you can find it. I thought this would give you an interesting perspective to contrast with the official 'missing story' :

    I'm the missing 'oldephartteintraining'

  2. Whoo. Open ID has its quirks on Blogger. Blogging at
    "Opit's Linkfest"

  3. Wingtards think a yellow car magnet is all that is required to Support The Troops!

    I swear, I despise the lot of them more every day.