Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well I'm Done

Edwards has dropped out, there are no viable candidates and once again living in the state of California has been worse than nothing. What is the point in living in such a populous state if my choices are restricted to the two worst candidates before I even get to the polls. My vote never means anything and I'm done voting. Period. I don't care about who gets elected, I don't care about the stupid propositions, what I do care about is getting the hell out of this country. Land of the free, home of the brave. My ass.

I don't care if a woman wins, I certainly don't care if some half black wannabe wins, I don't care if an old geezer wins, (we've been through that before), I don't care if martial law is declared. I wash my hands of this country, I will not defend it's reputation, as poor as it is, I won't even defend its so called right to exist.

If I see something about to happen, I will turn my back and let the chips, or body parts, fall where they may. I am sorry that in my youth I thought this country was worth defending. It isn't.

You guys are going to get what you deserve. Slavery. They won't call it that, it will probably go by the name that this county was built on. Indentured servitude.

I will probably continue blogging but it won't have anything to do with the elections or the stupid people who pontificate or the corporately paid jackasses that are presented to us as electable candidates. My absentee ballot is being shredded as soon as I get to the office and I will never register to vote again. They can do what they want with the voter ID law, they can, and will, have all the retroactive immunity for all the political criminals they want. Oh yeah, and that Iraq thing, you can expect it to be a way of life for one country after another until we run out of either guns or people. Or the people who really own this country puts a stop to us.

Thanks John, you've let the bad guys run the asylum.

And I'm wiping Google Reader of all political feeds. I'm going to live like the rest of the country. Stupid and ignorant. They seem to be happy living that way, why not me?


  1. I posted a comment just a couple of mins ago to your rant Deb, and wanted to let you know that there are a lot more of us than many think.

    I used to believe in the United States, I believed in our government and actually thought that those who were elected were there to do our bidding, and represent us. I joined the military in the mid 50's as I believed that I could at least become better educated and repay in part my debt to the country where I was born. I became a career military person, actually, I knew when I joined that I would retire out of the service. I believed the lies that I was fed, and after my cousin was elected to the House of Representatives, I found out that the military was more political than I could ever imagine. I was labeled a radical after one of the senior officers called me in and offered me special duty as they felt that they could use me to get inroads to him. I turned them down politely, but it sealed my fate, and even though I advanced through the ranks, I was known as a hard ass, who wouldn't conform..

    For my last tour of duty, known in the Navy as a "Twilight Cruise", I was stationed in Hawaii. There, I became heavily involved in the Hawaiian movement, and learned greatly, their history, their culture, and the facts that the United States had invaded and taken their sovereign captive, deposed her and installed a capitolistic government in her place. I learned what the United States had done to the other islands in the Pacific. Our history is built upon lies, not only to the ordinary people, but to those who's property, minerals, wealth, stratigic positions were needed to foster the capitolistic mantra being spread by a very wealthy few.

    I also have had it with the country of my birth. I immigrated to Tahiti after retiring from the Navy, became a French National in 84 and haven't looked back. The only reason I am in the States today is to give care to a 90 year old mother, and when she is gone, I will be also. I will never return to the country of my birth, and will do everything within my power as a French Citizen to make sure that justice is served to those who have destroyed, and sullied the very ideas that were brought forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    I will happily screw over any and all reich wing 'muricans that I may meet in our islands. My only hope is that I may not only ruin their life long vacation plans, but to fuck over them to a point where they might realize that there are many of us throughout the world who feel that enough is enough, and we have surely had enough.

    Just this old chief's 2¢

  2. Hi Deb
    Sorry for your misery. After visiting your site for a few years now, I think I can say I know what a good person you are.
    As the I Ching says- Perseverance Furthers.

    Also, the above poster reminds me that you have lots of good people reading your site.
    Hope you stick with it. I for one feel better knowing real people like you and your readers are out there.

    I'm going to try and hunt down some humour to send you to cheer you up!