Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cartoon Of The Day

I was up most of the night with an asthma attack, this is the best I can do until I feel better. Sorry.John Cole


  1. Hey.

    I'm sad to hear about Edwards. I know how much you liked and admired him.

  2. I wrote my last post on the subject. After following politics for 43 of my 51 years, I just don't give a flying **** what happens.

    White people have determined what little choices I've been faced with and I'm beginning the process of dropping off the grid. Not only do I not care about the elections, I pretty much don't care about the country or its stupid citizens. I'm mad as hell and I'm checking into dual citizenship from the country I was physically born in, and it isn't Africa, because growing old in the land of Malkin, Limbaugh and whatever morally compromised president we're eventually stuck with, does nothing for me. Absolutely nothing.

  3. I already did. I immigrated to Tahiti and became a French National in 84. I am back in the land of the s**t eaters only to give care to a 90 yr old mother and when she is gone, so am I.. I had no desire to return to the country of my birth, even though I spent 20 years in it's military and believed in what our founding fathers put put on paper or parchment back in the beginning. I still hold the Constitution and Bill of rights as two of the three most important documents ever written. To me it's a crying shame that well over half of the population have never read, nor will ever read them. The USA has became a land of ignorance and greed. A land where you must be a xtian or zealot to advance. The effing church is controlling more and more of our personal lives, and if you even suggest that you are not a "believer", you will never advance..

    I will be so very happy when I can return to Tahiti and to sanity. I have become totally disgusted with almost everything american.

    Just this old chief's 2¢

  4. I'm taking care of my 77 year old mom and when she's gone, I'm gone.

    I had such hope for this country, it blows me away that it disappeared so quickly and that very few people care. I'm so depressed over our collective stupidity that I could scream.

  5. I hear that scream Deb... I got your back! Hang in there and keep writing, we need you and those like you..

  6. Why stay if your so unhappy, Just leave The United States already!