Friday, February 01, 2008

Five For Friday

Let's start with something really good. Practice really does make perfect. A 92 year old blind golfer hits a hole in one. Way to go.

Um, unemployment? It would only be fair, then they could understand what the rest of the country is going through. Unexpected? Who the heck are they trying to kid? Slow housing starts, increases in foreclosures, etc. What's so unexpected about jobs disappearing? Unless you're one of the clueless. Must be nice when everyone you know can pay their bills and afford a decent place to live. Maybe October 29th will paint a vastly different picture this year. Not like that's an important day or anything.

Those poor pets. I know it's awful about the people being killed, but here in America we only care about pet abuse. Because they are innocent victims. So are the people, but the cold hearted among us believe they should have moved to a different country if they didn't like the war.

Parenting lessons don't prevent toddler tantrums. No surprise there. For forty years someone has been espousing a kindler, gentler way to raise kids and look at what we have. Temper tantrums in the store, shootings in the school, children killing their parents. Maybe the old ways, you know the ones that were used for thousands of years before there were child psychologists, actually were effective. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Fear of my dad kept me out of trouble and fifty years later I still can hear his voice when I think of doing something stupid. And no, I didn't always get spanked. Sometimes the look of disappointment in his eyes was worse than a thousand swats.

Exxon made more obscene profits this year. And they actually had the gall to say it was due to higher oil prices. Gee, what are they going to do when they run out of places to drill? Oh yeah, there's those cold, but not for long, places that they can still ruin.


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