Sunday, February 03, 2008

Almost Bit The Big One

Last Friday, after being very specific about not having any shrimp, none at all in my soup, guess what was floating at the bottom? I just love puking and losing control of my bladder in public. Which is actually what saved me. Then they wanted to know if they could make me something else. And the hives! So attractive.

My asthma had started kicking up a few days ago and this incident has put in full swing. I've literally used a full inhaler in less than 48 hours, my coughing fits end in a high pitched bark and I am desperately doing everything I can to avoid going to the emergency room. The wheezing has subsided somewhat but any change in temperature (or laughter) sets me off again. It's been almost four years since it was this bad and it's all the shrimp's fault.

My head is pounding, I'm crankier than usual (as if that could be done), I have very little energy and my chest and neck hurt from all the coughing and struggling for breath. I'm so broke that suing people crossed my mind but unfortunately it doesn't look like a viable option for me because I didn't go the hospital.

Meanwhile, while I'm being a cranky bitch, I would like to hear that the Giants won the Super Bowl. Obviously I'm not going to watch it. The last good half time show they had (other than the booby incident) was when the two extremely funny "gay" (Blaine and Antwone) guys from In Living Color (even with the editing out of the Richard Gere gerbil joke) did their color commentary. Men on Football, why here it is. Priceless!

Two snaps and your backfield in motion. I almost feel better. Where the heck is my inhaler?

On a sad note, Shell Kepler (Amy Vining from General Hospital) passed away from kidney failure. Her character was a kick even though she never had a real story line and she will definitely be missed. Rest in peace, and thanks for a job well done.

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  1. Damn! That sounds like one serious allergy. I've got a friend who's allergic to eggs the way you're allergic to shrimp. We're constantly 'running interference' for him at restaurants. Hope you get some good Super Bowl news. Me? Can't stand the sport.