Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Questioning Authority

Will not be an option for our youngest generation. As in there will be conformity, or else. Suspension from kindergarten for a Mohawk is just another way of trying to turn kids into obedient little robots. Forty years later and we are still fighting the battle of kids haircuts in school, but it used to be because it was too long. I, of course, am going to come down on the side of the kid and the Mohawk (there's a kid in the neighborhood and we compare our short haircuts, he usually wins for originality, me for convenience), unlike the commenters. At six years old he knows what he wants his hair to look like and it doesn't necessarily reflect his mother's or school's idea of grooming, but it was clean, not purple and he definitely doesn't have lice. There were lots of things that bothered me in school, a student's hair definitely wasn't one of them but stupidity ranks pretty close to first place.

One curious parent decided to find out why her four year old kid was being accused of acting out so she hid a digital recorder in the kid's backpack and what an ear opener that was. What it revealed was a teacher who yelled inappropriate things at the kids and this was after having already served a one day suspension for slapping a child the previous year, yet she still has a job working with impressionable young kids. But then the commenters once again revealed the hate (must be the kid's fault because they are probably the offspring of illegal immigrants), bigotry (her mom is overweight) and general stupidity (doesn't sound like some of them completed grade school on their own) of some of the people who hang out at ABC

Searching kids for a missing five dollars in an envelope. They didn't find it on the kids but at least the principal had a little common sense. One of those teachers will probably discover that they used it as a bookmark and just forgot where they put it, but it's always easier to blame someone else.


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