Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Isn't she pretty?

Pugs may be small in stature -- weighing in at 14 to18 pounds -- but their personalities bark "big dog." Although smart, and sometimes stubborn, they're hardly pugnacious. Playful and social, they get along fine with other dogs, children, and even strangers. However, their love for attention and affection can make them a little jealous if they feel overlooked. Pugs prefer a moderate climate and are prone to catching colds, so opt for indoor exercise when the temps drop or get uncomfortably high. Pugs are notorious snorers, so think twice before sharing your bed.
Shai Shai is seven, needs a new picture, weighs about 22 pounds and snores to rival my dad. Which is why she sleeps with my mom, but I can still hear her through the walls.

Happy birthday pug of my life.

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