Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Not So Funnies

A true Bushie, a founding member of the crew without a clue. Poor widdle baby, it's always everyone else's fault. Or maybe it was just a bad plan that was doomed from the start, killed thousands of troops in the middle and now the end looks like it's surging back to the middle.

So women can perform well under fire, which is why she got the Silver Star. And she's alive to receive it. Congratulations, I hope it helps with the nightmares.

Slap another yellow sticker on the car, nothing is too good for our troops in Iraq. Not even water.

Europe got its massive unmanned space truck into orbit to resupply the International Space Station. I hope they get this thing built before it's time to be decommissioned by the end of the next decade.

Did you know that crime pays? Not for the criminal but for everyone else involved. Especially for private prison management companies. They're doing a great job too. As long as you don't count the murderers who get out and do it again. Why aren't anger management classes required before release? Does it cut into the profit or does it make sure the same people keep ending up behind bars?

You are what you eat. Or drink. Which means that the people we thought were batshit crazy, probably have mad cow disease. When they start falling down for no reason, we'll know for sure. Because it isn't like there is decent government oversight, it got drowned in the bathtub.

You don't have to live in this country to be crazy as well as stupid. What kind of drugs are they on to think that this will help the peace process with the Palestinians? It looks more like the piece by piece process.

Another aspect of the housing crisis that people forgot. Who needs a McMansion when the kids are gone, the housework is overwhelming and there is way too much space to rattle around in?

Oh well, that explains the bad attitude. I was born in Britain. On an Air Force Base which is considered to be United States ground just like the Consulates, so I can still run for President. Just like McCain. Unfortunately.


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  1. For your files perhaps, Deb:
    60,000+ Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Diagnosed With PTSD.
    Which reminds me that I'd better be checking in with my son who is a Gulf War I veteran.