Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Priorities Are Out Of Whack

It's official. We are a barbaric nation, not civilized at all. Not only are we a nation that tortures, but we treat our animals with more respect than we do humans. The three drug cocktail used in lethal injections continues to be approved. The Supreme Court, by a 7-2 margin, is allowing a practice that is illegal in most states when putting your animal to sleep. But what can you expect from a court whose sole purpose is to rubber stamp as many atrocities recommended by the Bush administration as possible. We have no right to comment on the human rights abuses committed by China or anywhere else.

What is wrong with this sentence?
Downtrodden automakers — Ford and General Motors — were especially dogged in securing a tax break that would let them collect alternative minimum tax credits, also known as the A.M.T., that would otherwise be out of reach because they did not pay enough taxes in recent years to claim a rebate.
But it was okay to try and eliminate seniors from "the supposed to save the economy tax rebate" who had paid into the system all their lives and are now collecting Social Security. And what about the homeowners themselves? Will they get help? If the Republicans have their way, no.

My how times have changed. Imagine if John Kennedy had made as much of a fuss over the Pope. Newspapers and pundits would be going crazy with conspiracy theories and the mixing of religion with government.

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