Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Torture, Foreclosures, Taxes And Stupidity

The crew without a clue are so proud of themselves. Bush admitted to authorizing torture and contravening the Constitution and isn't worried about being impeached or brought to justice because the ends justify the means.
The Brattleboro (Vt.) Reformer editorial board writes: "That the top officials in the White House were sitting around debating how many times someone should be waterboarded is disgusting, but not surprising. They have held themselves about all laws and legal standards. They have repeatedly claimed that any action performed during the course of our so-called war on terror -- no matter how illegal or barbaric -- is legally and morally justifiable.

"But even as they claim immunity from the legal and moral standards of the civilized world, the reality is that no one in the Bush administration stands above the law. Sooner or later, they must be held accountable.
Yeah, like that's going to happen. And to think all those people were hung at Nuremberg and in Japan for committing those same crimes. Congress is more concerned with people's personal lives and providing corporate welfare than their job of providing checks and balances. It's good to be the king.

Foreclosures were up again last month with no end in sight and the mentally challenged commenters at ABC News are at it again. The housing crisis is all Clinton's fault because he encouraged housing loans to minorities and low income people. I guess if you aren't rich and melanin impaired you are supposed to live in the ghetto or a tent and be grateful to your betters. Heaven forbid that offshoring, downsizing, manufacturing plants closing and predatory lending should have any part of the blame. There is no compassion available for the people whose home values are dropping like a stone and even though they did everything right, are losing their homes because they can't make up the difference between the bank loan and the current value. No bailouts for borrowers but lenders must be protected at all costs. To the taxpayer. All those right wing Christians are really interested in helping their fellow man. Not.

Nope, one of their solutions is to encourage people to stay married. No matter what. Yes, one must put up with an abusive or cheating spouse in order to reduce the financial drain on U.S. taxpayers by enrolling in a government program to strengthen marriage. Or at least that's the idea. Not improving education or encouraging job growth, but forcing people to stay in a bad marriage for the sake of the taxpayer. It's supposedly a legitimate concern of government, policymakers and legislators. Maybe they'll let all those black men out of jail and give them jobs so they can support their families. Not.

They can harass and prosecute Wesley Snipes (Three years and a 5 million dollar fine for a misdemeanors? Obviously he's a black male.) for tax evasion but they can't prosecute Dick Morris or better yet, the former Treasurer of the United States, Catalina Villalpondo. You might recognize her name from some of the currency that was printed under the first President Bush.

Five thousand teenagers a year die in automobile accidents and driver's ed is being eliminated in school. Another case of being pennywise and pound foolish. No need to learn the rules and be held to high standard when you can just wait and get your license at eighteen with no training. Then they can be like the people who come here from overseas and just point their car in the direction they want to go and let the chips fall where they may. If they don't take physics they will have no concept whatsoever that they aren't driving a mobile living room. Yesterday this girl was all over the road, using both lanes while she texted. She spent more time looking at her phone than she did looking ahead and she never looked to the side or used her rear view mirror. Entering college is important but driving poorly can kill you. Or worse, some innocent person.



  1. Some interesting posts. Thanks for sharing. I especially agree about young people learning to drive in school--and learning NOT to use the cell phone.

    I posted about cell phones and teens some weeks ago, and was horrified, as I did research for the article, to find how many accidents are caused by young, inexperienced drivers talking or texting on cells.

  2. Chimpy's MSM handmaidens are desperately trying to shield their monkey-Lord from the blame for his actions. That would be essentially what they've done since Daddy's SCOTUS installed him in the OVal Nursery.

    And Chimpy has a Paraguay plan for evading having to answer for anything. Like the good Nazi he is, he's got him a Paraguayan spread, waiting for him.