Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Six

How do you go on strike when you have no work? Once summer arrives and the price of gas is consistently over $4 per gallon, eating locally will be necessary, not trendy. Too bad most of our food comes from somewhere else. And that most people don't know how to cook from scratch, but since they'll be unemployed they should have plenty of time to learn.

Some people have no shame, no shame at all.

What, no taser? What possible explanation could there be for trying to drive a minivan...from the roof?

Women and children first? Not anymore, they get left behind. And not in a Christian way.

Hmm, I thought the trick to successful parenting was to love your child, to spend time with them and to be a good example. $6500 in equipment, toys and fripperies when all they want is you, seems to be a little extreme don't you think? But I guess when your a status symbol, the more, the merrier.

Oh goody, now big pharma can poison us without having to worry about penalties. Botox and thalidomide, here we come.


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