Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Morning Ramblings

How far is too far? Some areas should be fragrance free, such as the doctors office, hospital and certain workplaces, but getting one's nose bent out of joint because someone is wearing body butter is overkill. Sheesh, some people really do think they are the only one in the world with rights and that everyone should accommodate their wishes or failings. My asthma is usually triggered by a certain perfume when it is really cold outside but I have no idea what it is since I'm more concerned with breathing and getting away than I am with trying to determine what other people do with their bodies. When my lungs are weak (before or after) an attack, I also can't walk down the soap aisle in the grocery store without wheezing. So, I avoid that aisle. I used to have a client who was a fanatic about scent, what a pain she was. My clothes had to have no fabric softener and I couldn't use a scented soap or lotion. I rarely wear fragrance because I find them too overpowering and I don't enjoy smelling like a fruit but I don't make the people around me dance to my tune, I just find somewhere else to go.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't watching you. What the article doesn't bring up are the amount of cameras and other devices that are omnipresent in our society might be triggering low levels of anxiety in everyone, so as a result most of society is suspicious of one another.

Pandering to the male ego. A few minutes is best. Three minutes of intercourse aren't worth taking your clothes off, let alone running around bragging about satisfying a woman in bed. It isn't about lasting forever but some effort should be made to match a woman's rhythm. Thirteen minutes is closer to the mark, but if it makes men feel better to think that three minutes will get the job done...

Oh good grief! The idea of school is to learn and be exposed to different ideas and ways of thinking. A federal lawsuit because a teacher says something that goes against your world view is just someone trying to make money that they haven't earned. I had a cop tell me that most of the sexual deviants were Catholic and I'm pretty sure he has more experience in this area than I do. Maybe the teacher has more experience than the student?

Please, no
. Next thing you know, Vanilla Ice will be back touring. With Rick Astley.


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