Friday, April 04, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

On the wrong track and headed over a cliff, another fine example of you get what you vote for. Unfortunately, the next election isn't going to change much.

And why are so many people unhappy? Well, 80K lost their jobs last month alone, foreclosures are up and with layoffs increasing that isn't going to change for the better, food and gas prices are up, Iraq (remember it, or has it gone the way of Osama been forgotten?) is nowhere near stable after five years of our money and what's left of our military, and everybody except the taxpayers on the bottom of the economic scale gets a helping dollar hand.

How about not arresting pot smokers and releasing the ones that are in jail? Murderers, rapists and robbers should not be released because of budget cuts, the releases should be for those who "committed" nonviolent crimes and using marijuana is nowhere near as serious as using a gun. Unless you're guarding the Twinkies.

Not content to just run Firefox in beta mode (I'm still using B4, in B5 none of my extensions worked, the most important being Adblock), now I'm trying Blogger in draft. If I had the money you just know I'd be one of those early adopters of most technological toys.

I'm against the death penalty for many reasons but when the original sniper shootings started in Virginia, I thought that the cop who found the shooters should have shot them on sight and said he was defending himself. Why not, they do it with innocent people all the time. My reasoning was that the snipers weren't human and should be put down as rabid animals. Trials, publicity and appeals would never have been an issue, and nobody would be enticed to do it again because there wouldn't be a positive payoff. Wow, I sound like a Republican. In other words, there wouldn't be any copycats. Now they are everywhere

Remember, you only get to read blogs because they let you. You have very few choices if you don't like your provider and if you want speed that approaches what Japan, Korea or Sweden have, you have to pay an exorbitant monthly fee.



  1. pot smokers are the problem with this society. they accomplish NOTHING. i have never witnessed human motivation in a more absent form than a pot smoker. As for george bush, well, he should have probably not decided to become a president. you know, bush is a pretty damn ridiculous name. bush? LIKE, A CHERRY BUSH?

  2. So murderers, rapists and robbers should be allowed out of prison because pot smokers are lazy?