Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's All Wring Our Hands

The world is worried about Burma. Again. Just as it was obvious that the Bush administration had no intention of helping the drowning people of New Orleans, it's obvious that the junta in Burma is hoping, and actively preventing assistance, so that most of their citizens troublemakers perish in the aftermath also. While the world waits and discusses what to do, innocent men, women and children are dying by the minute. Like the crisis a few months ago didn't give everyone a clue as to how the junta would respond.

People are talking all kinds of smack because the Democratic Convention isn't locked up tighter than a black person with a stick up his ass months before the actual convention. Heaven forbid that every citizen have an opportunity to express their vote. Since I didn't really start paying attention to the conventions until Shirley Chisholm received 152 delegates in 1972 "in spite of hopeless odds", I am having a difficult time understanding why it is so important that Hillary drop out, we present a united front, yada, yada, yada. James Polk (POTUS #11) wasn't added until the eighth ballot. What are we? Sheep or Republicans? Ron Paul hasn't given up and the Republicans don't have their panties in a bunch. Whatever we are, we aren't being democratic, we are being autocratic. At the rate our democratic process is disappearing we might as well be Russia and let the Chimmpleton become Prime Minister. Oh, we don't have one of those in our Constitution? Well, we didn't have illegal search and seizures, ridiculous (unless you're a corporation) interpretations of eminent domain, torture or poll taxes before 2001 either. Speaking of traitors, NARAL can kiss my black ass. In Macy's window. At lunchtime.

I never thought I would dislike a candidate more than Bush, but Obama finds the one nerve that Bush missed. He can claim all the victory he wants, he will never be able to claim my vote. McCain will also never get my vote but I absolutely will not vote against my conscience just so a "Democrat" can win. Over 300 million people in America and we get these two boobs as a choice for president. I'd rather have a president with real ones. And we all know that isn't going to happen in my lifetime. According to the Death Clock that's at least seven more presidential elections. Isn't it odd how many female leaders there are in the world and we think their countries are backwards? Even the Vatican has an assistant Vice Minister. We're lucky we have female Governors. Equality is not a way of life in America. Sexually, racially, economically or representatively.

In a further continuation of Support The Troops, but only in your dreams, Bush will be the first President in history to veto benefits. This isn't really a surprise since he went to war with the military we had and not the one he wanted. But Blackwater is coming along and I'm sure things will work out the way he wants. Too bad about all those dead soldiers, their sad families and the all the brain injured vets who will be left as roadkill. Not in the country they were injured in, but in the country that supposedly supports them. How are the sales of those car magnets doing these days?

I haven't posted a joke in so long, so here is a clean one. What do you find on the inside of a clean nose?


People forget that Barry Cowsill was one of the victims of Bush's determination to let New Orleans drown.

Dangerous wasn't he?


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