Monday, May 19, 2008

BFD, Guess Whose Birthday It Is

If you guessed mine, you're right. Big whoop, I'm 52, though I'm pretty sure the rest of me would prefer 25. I had a really good time that year. I went to Vegas on the train for the first time. This year, not much is going to happen.

I'm one of those practical girls, in case you couldn't tell. While I don't want a refrigerator or vacuum for a gift, geek stuff is always welcome. Things that make my life safer or more convenient are also a good bet. One year my baby brother gave me a Fry's gift card for Christmas and was worried that he had offended me until he saw me squealing and running around the house. I spent that sucker the next day. Now that was one of my favorite gifts of all time. On the other hand, Mother Nature has presented me with a few really good looking tomato babies. Little green nuggets that will hopefully turn into ripe green tomatoes.

It never ceases to amaze me how people think of themselves first when they are buying you a gift. It was so hot in my car the other day that some of the speaker wires on my iPod melted in certain spots. Since I'm never without the thing, don't you think headphones would have made a great gift? I have music in my life everyday (courtesy of the radio or the iPod, I can't play a note) and I'm disappointed that something so simple escaped my friends. Especially today. Or, how about having my knives professionally sharpened, that would have been both cool and useful. A Costco cash card so I can buy gas would have changed the whole direction of my birthday, and the rest of the week. Instead, I received an expensive gift certificate to a shop I go to once every couple of years. I'll use it eventually, but at the moment I have no use for it. Unless I throw a temper tantrum and break something. :)

Birthday music for all!

My pug is cuter and would have a deeper voice.

And just because I never hear this on the radio on my birthday, it's either the day before or after, ladies and gentlemen I present to you, THE BEATLES! It may not be the greatest video but it's still the Beatles and they are singing the Birthday song.

Waah, waah, waah.



  1. Big whoop, I'm 52, though I'm pretty sure the rest of me would prefer 25.

    Well happy-frickin'-birthday!

    Yeah...but I'll bet you did have half the fire at 25 that you do now and not 1/4 of the eloquence! ;-)

  2. Even though I'm a little late, the birthday wish is sincere and fresh. Hope it was a great one.

    I received a gift card for Christmas to a store that I have never shopped in and most likely never will. I have no idea what the giver was thinking and it's almost a sin to waste her money.

  3. From me too, Deb. Hope things pick up for you this year!

  4. Kvatch, My mind doesn't want to go back to 25, but my body really appreciates how much better it felt all those years ago.