Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slow Saturday Morning

Should I stay or should I go? To see Sex and the City. I only saw a few episodes and they were certainly funny and all I want to do today is laugh since next week I'll probably be on my way to being homeless and six dollars won't change that, but endorphins always help with stress.

I am such a geek. What a great way to start a Saturday morning. I totally understood this comment from Dunny0 on the J.J. Abrams new version of Star Trek and got a good giggle out of it.
One of these days someone is gonna travel back once to many times and rip a hole in space/time that no amount of reversed polarity inverted neutrino bursts can fix.

Even *if* they are routed through the Heisenberg Compensators first.
But then there was this response.
@Dunny0 Of course that will never work. You will need to re-route the pulse through the plasma phase converters before channeling it through the warp core and then through the impulse engine baffles before you discharge the pulse out of the deflector dish. DUH!
Much better than what passes for discussion of opposing views on political blogs recently.

I'm going. It starts in 35 minutes. I should be able to hit the rain locker and be out the door in 15. I really need to laugh so it better be funny.


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