Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Fundamentalists are the same the world over. Nuttier than fruitcakes and more than willing to molest children. Specifically (unless it's in the Catholic church), young girls. From the FLDS compound in Texas to the moral Haredim in Israel to murdering daughters and mothers as an "honor" killing in Iraq, women are treated as something less than a man. Something to be used, abused, hidden and then thrown out with the trash because she is no longer pure. All under the guise of religion. god must be so proud. If most abusers learn from their parents, does that mean that God abuses us?

Not quite as good as three fifths. Bush, Cheney and McCain are so disappointed that they won't have to pull an October surprise in order to maintain control of the country, the Democrats are going to give it to them as a gift. ON the bright side, innocent U.S. citizens won't have to die in a convenient terrorist attack. Hopefully.

Abstinence education is doomed to failure. By biology. Teens are going to have sex, whether adults like it or not. Get over it. It would be infinitely preferable if they knew how to do it safely, that they do it with people in their own age group and at their own discretion rather than have it forced on them by an adult that they trusted. Correct information is valuable so they know how their bodies work and where babies really come from. Along with communicable diseases if they aren't careful. Parents tend to forget that teenagers won't be teenagers all their lives and sooner or later they need to know the truth. When it comes to sex, sooner is better. And more effective. For a country that uses sex to sell everything, we certainly are repressed in real life.

He could leave the country and I wouldn't care. Pastors come and go but the congregation usually stays. What makes him think that the members of his church are going to vote for him now that he's decided they aren't good enough to pray with? Quick answer? There aren't enough of them to matter. He's definitely a politician, anything to get elected. And everybody is falling for it.

Greek mythology told us that. Hera, Artemis and Aphrodite were not gods that people messed with. Zeus and Apollo may have gotten all the attention for their sexual conquests but the women were not second class citizens of Olympus. Or Greece.

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