Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank You

For all the best wishes on that day of days. Let me say that things did not turn out well (the car developed engine problems ) and the end result was just like the song says, another day older and deeper in debt. But I have to admit those were some of the nicest compliments I've ever received. :)

On the bright side, I've decided on the one instance in which I can vote for Obama. If John Edwards is his Veep choice. Because sooner or later, and probably sooner than people expect, some melanin impaired, deranged, and totally believing that he is righting a wrong done to the country, some fool will outwit the SS, I mean the Secret Service, and the Veep will become POTUS. Why isn't Hillary a part of the dream ticket? Because some other deranged person will decide that isn't a good idea and arrange another unelected Veep of their persuasion and then we'll be back to the original problem. There is no Quayle that will serve as insurance this time around. Now wasn't that cheerful?

On the gardening front, Shadow dug up and ate most of the pea shoots while I was gone and chewed the buttons off of Mom's sweater. Bad doggie! With a temper.

I'm extremely sorry about Ted Kennedy. It isn't like that family hasn't had more than its share of angst and tragedy. For some reason, the men in that family seem to have been doomed to traumatic fates that are statistically out of proportion to the population at large, if you discount those that aren't melanin impaired.

Why does every current generation believe that an older generation didn't know how to have fun? We could ask McCain if it was fun dancing around on the hot earth until someone invented shoes, but I'd rather watch and listen to one of my favorite songs.

It never fails to get me moving and those guys looked like they were having fun, especially when the trombones were being tossed into the air. They didn't destroy their instruments back then.

My musical tastes seem to be a little varied, something I'm very proud of as I age. I try not to be a musical stick in the mud, but rap and opera still grate on the same nerve. Country used to do that but you can hardly tell it from 80s big hair rock nowadays. Every thing is the same, the makeup, the hair, glitzy outfits, only the twang is new. Wait, Bon Jovi is now a country star? What's up with that?

Again, thanks for all the best wishes. They made my day when I got back. :)

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