Monday, June 30, 2008

Circling The Drain

People have been so worried about the United Nations imposing a new world order on the United States, that us imposing a new world order on the rest of the planet has been overlooked by all but true freedom advocates. 
The controversial proposed pact, a "framework agreement" on common data protection principles, is likely to enable the Americans to access the credit card histories, banking details and travel habits of Europeans, although senior officials in Brussels deny US reports that the Americans will also be able to snoop on the internet browsing records of Europeans.
"Everybody's keen on this and sees the benefit of it. The French are very keen to continue the work," said a senior official in Brussels. "There's all sorts of information stored on computers nowadays that may be of interest to law enforcement agencies. If we reach agreement, we may well contemplate turning it into a binding international agreement."


Under separate agreements being negotiated, Washington is insisting on having armed guards on flights from Europe to the US, is introducing a new electronic travel authorisation system where travellers to the US would need to apply online for permission to fly before buying a ticket, and last year the EU yielded to American pressure to supply the US authorities with 19 pieces of information on passengers flying from Europe to America.
Land of the brave?  Geez, what a joke.  Land of the broken income is more like it.  For those who toiled all their lives believing that they were working and saving for retirement,  reality is becoming harder to survive and being told to "ride it out" is as foolish a piece of advice as being told that  plastic sheeting and duct tape will make you safe from airborne pathogens.  Oh well, maybe they can go back to the old standby from the seventies, cat food.

Turns out I regularly eat nine of the eleven best foods recommended for good health, at least while I an afford them.   I'm growing both beets and chard, but I can't afford pomegranate juice and haven't really tried pumpkin seeds.  Canned pumpkin, turmeric, and cinnamon  must be in a recipe somewhere and this one includes dried plum, which is also on the list.  This recipe also includes pomegranate and candied pumpkin seeds to go on top of polenta.  Not too bad for a squash that most people think of as a dessert or Halloween ornament.

Why yes, we have become a rogue nation.  We could be our own little axis of evil, which leads to my favorite quote of the week.  And it's only Monday.
So, if you think we or Israel can attack Iran and not expect retaliation, I'd have to say with regret that you are a moron. If you think we could easily handle Iran in an all-out war, I'd have to promote you to idiot.
We believe in the culture of life only as it applies to preventing abortion.  After one is born, you deserve to die because you were born in the wrong country or to a family that doesn't make enough money to support the parents much less their kids.

My gas budget is $100 a month, so every month I drive less and less.  I use the car to go to the grocery store where I find food  prices higher than they were the week before.   I'm dropping my gym membership because even though it relieves stress, contributes to my health and gives me a little time away from taking care of my mother, I can't afford the gas.  Thanks to the policies of the crew without a clue, seniors who were born during the Depression of the 1930s are going to suffer and die during the Depression of the early 21st Century.  Great reward for all the hard work rebuilding this country after the Second World War.  Hopefully they won't have to suffer through another World War before they get to rest in peace.


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  1. In case you missed it, the IMF will soon be imposing THEIR order on US. They are investigating the financial system here. Heckuva fall in a few short years, isn't it? Bernanke is now viewed as a joke.