Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Morning Quickie

The chimpleton in chief has been so worried about his "legacy" that he hasn't noticed what historians will see immediately. First six years in office, one veto. Democratic majority, nine vetoes and threats of vetoes in less than two years. From children to poor people to vetoing supporting the troops, it's obvious that a uniter he isn't. Unless it's for his cronies. He did love those Executive Orders though, didn't he?

Great. The thirty second sound bite is too much for the younger generation, especially if they have to read it. And the updates! Too much for them to process while they read email, text their friends, or Twitter their bathroom break. Must be made simpler for comprehension. They call it multitasking, I call it ignoring everything unless it affects them personally.

Bye Bo, thanks for setting my generation up to produce some great rock. Rest in peace.

I saw Sex in the City before Yves St. Laurent died. Do people actually wear that stuff? I'm standing in line to buy my ticket and this couple comes up behind me. The wife says, "we can see Sex in the City!" and he says "No, you can see that with your sister, I don't do chick flicks. Why don't we see Indiana Jones or Iron Man (I've seen both) instead?" I couldn't help it, I turned around and said "You won't see a chick flick but you want her to see a dick flick?" If men knew how much sex was in it with naked bodies that show something other than the standard position, they might reconsider what a chick flick was. I guess they miss the violence of watching women get hurt instead of women enjoying themselves having sex.


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  1. In my house the wife is more likely to pick the dick flick and I to choose the chick flick.

    I guess somewhere there's something profoundly odd about that.