Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Into It Today

I miss George Carlin. I first saw him on the Flip Wilson show and had enjoyed him ever since.. Everyone posted the Seven Words you can't say on tv, but my favorite skit was the fractured Nursery Rhymes. Especially the Seven Dwarfs. Thank you for all the years of laughs. Rest in peace George, you will be missed. Greatly.

Eight drugs that doctors in the know never take.

That's the way it works in America.

No job, no prospects, no way to feed the family. Of course the food banks are being overwhelmed.

No child left behind is having serious consequences. According to Time, fewer kids are pursuing tech degrees. That's what you get with rote memorization and continuous testing. People that don't know how to think logically or creatively. The corporations don't care, they can always get someone from India or China to do the job.

Papers please. Plus your fingerprints and first born child.

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  1. I'll miss George too. I'm going to dust off my old vinyl record with the seven dirty words and play it in memory of him.