Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Questions And More Questions

Claiming piracy is a little over the top, don't you think? The recording industry is in the process of putting the last nail in its coffin by trying to get Congress to pass legislation that enables them to charge royalties to AM/FM radio. Radio is the place where I hear a song and then download it from iTunes. Generally I'm not fond of today's music and if KFOG wasn't such a good indie station that plays a variety of old and new, I wouldn't choose to listen. There are very few classic rock stations anymore and those that are left somehow manage to play the same 100 songs over and over again. Why is Smooth considered a classic when it isn't even ten years old yet? As if there weren't thousands of other songs to choose from.

Signs of the future. We will see more of this and it will get ugly. On a happier note, it should solve the problem of obesity in this country.

Another nobody could have foreseen situation for the crew without a clue. The administration has no plan to follow up on the surge. Gee, when they were kids did they touch the hot stove over and over or were they too busy banging their heads against the wall?

On the brink of recession? Honey, we went over that cliff last year and are hurtling into a depression. He must mean that the rich are noticing that the dollar isn't buying as much when they go gallivanting around Europe for the weekend. Either that or he had to pick up the tab for his Kopi Luwak.

Surprise! The Justice Department has been using illegal hiring practices to to pack it with conservative attorneys so they can cherry pick which cases they want to prosecute. That's my current government, politics over competence. Ethics aren't a hallmark of this administration, are they?


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  1. Does anyone still listen to AM/FM radio? I mean I see those Sirius commercials on television and find myself wondering if anyone's listening anymore.