Friday, June 06, 2008

The Ostrich Mentality

If it costs too much now, it's going to cost even more later. It will also require more effort and more suffering by those who will be affected the most. The Republican response to solving global warming is too put it off as long as possible. With every vote, filibuster, and action, the Republicans show they don't care about the future of man. Or women. Or children. All are expendable since they don't seem to plan on being here and could care less if their descendants have a decent place to live. Bootstraps aren't going to help if you're six feet under water, the fish have died, the crops won't grow and each new storm or tornado is worse than the last.

The powers that be thought it wouldn't happen to them, layoffs are only for little people.
The US jobs data showed that there were substantial job losses last month in construction industries, where 34,000 cuts were made, in manufacturing, where 26,000 jobs were lost, and among providers of professional services, where 39,000 jobs went.
Foreclosures? Not in our neighborhood. Oops, it's happening there too. I wonder if someone will bring him a check from Publisher's Clearing House. Probably not.

Of course, there's always jail. Wasn't that where they put debtors before sending them to colonize the New World? I wonder what they have in store for the 2.3 million people currently occupying jail cells in America. Maybe they can grow crops on Mars.

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