Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Grand Illusion

I don't care anymore. I am neither elated nor incredulous. What I am is disheartened and depressed to know that once again we are going to have a Republican president. Just the way Rove and the crew without a clue wanted. While everyone basks in the false afterglow of love, the true agenda of the almost never right party will reveal itself. Slowly, surely and to the detriment of this country. Me? I'm going to start buying lotto tickets so that I can join the stars in France, Italy or maybe to the place I was born, England. On an Air Force Base so I am just as much a citizen of the US as McCain.

For the young women of today that disregarded and dismissed everything that the previous generation of women worked so hard for, I say you deserve what you are going to get. Back of the bus status with babymaking duties. Have a good time, you deserve it.

After suffering through attacks on several different blogs because I won't support a candidate I don't believe in (last time I checked it was my vote, not the country's or a certain party), after talking with women who are older than me and hearing why they won't support him either, I've decided that election coverage on my blog will drop to almost nil. I can't say I won't comment on things that happen, mainly because I believe this campaign is going to get down and dirty (not that it wasn't already) and some of it will be too good to pass up, but the election is over for me.

When I was younger I got into a discussion about whether I was discriminated against more because I was black or because I was a woman. My answer hasn't changed in over thirty years. Sexism rules this country and it is going to get worse, not better, as the economy deteriorates. The level of rancor and the headlines about Hillary quitting now, what's she going to do (why didn't people ask Kerry and Lieberman the same things?) blah, blah, blah has finally after over 45 years of being interested in politics made me completely uninterested in what happens from here on out. We would have to be invaded from outer space before I would be willing to defend this country and its so called morals again.

To say that I despise Obama would be putting it mildly. I have the exact same reaction to seeing him or hearing his voice as I do to the current occupant of the White House. Puke city. And the Democratic party is so stupid they haven't even tried to portray McCain as the flip flopper he is. He's changed his opinions so many times that he makes Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar.

Whatever. Once the candidate that the press has anointed starts to reveal his true colors and agendas, the gloves will probably come off and they will do their best to knock him to his knees so his head falls forward onto the guillotine that has been hiding in the background.

I'm culling my Google Reader of some of the 190 (now down to 170 and still looking to get rid of more, I'll keep the science and geeky ones, but politics and certain blogs are going to be slashed to the bare bones) feeds that I used to read (or at least glance through) every day because they aren't going to change the end result, even though they think they are. Our country is on a track that is going nowhere, the engine is out of fuel and everybody thinks the conductor will save them.

From vitriol to gloating is more than I am willing to put up with. If something interesting happens, Stewart and Colbert will let me know. Meanwhile, I have a life to live, a mother to take care of, a garden to enjoy and dogs to play with. You won't miss me, there's more kool-aid in the refrigerator when you start to have doubts about which way we're headed. It's worked for the last eight years, I'm not expecting it to stop now.


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