Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reaping What We've Sown

Justice in America. What a joke, and a sad one at that. This case didn't need a judge or a jury since the defendant's lawyer had already decided that he deserved the death penalty. At no time could Curtis Osborne ever be considered to have had competent legal representation and for the Georgia Supreme Court to uphold his conviction makes a mockery of a justice system that is already in tatters. But then what else would you expect for a black defendant in Georgia. He's lucky they didn't find a tree and a couple of Klansmen. Or did they?
And then there is the matter of Mostiler's alleged racism and how it might have affected his defense of Osborne. The most explosive evidence of racial bias is contained in an affidavit by one Gerald Steven Huey, a client of Mostiler's. In addition to the quote Judge Fletcher cites, Huey says Mostiler made it clear that he would not be spending much money on Osborne's defense because "that little nigger deserves the chair." Huey also charges that Mostiler was offered a plea bargain under which Osborne would have received a life sentence in exchange for a guilty plea, but that the lawyer said he "would never tell Mr. Osborne about it because he deserved to die."
Meanwhile, on a national scale we have the shame of not just Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, now we floating prison ships with prisoners that nobody knows about. What I'm wondering is exactly what is the definition of a war crime? I don't think it means what it used to mean. It's certainly not the way Captain Whaley described the rules when I was a lowly private back in 1974. I always thought humanity would become more humane as time went on, obviously I was wrong. Very wrong.

My answer is: The Prime Directive. Until we progress from killing each other, forcing the less fortunate to live in poverty with no hope of ever escaping or get our space program going well enough that we accidentally bump into them, they are avoiding us like the plague.

All of my tomato plants have at least one growing among the leaves and the Early Girl has over 20. Now if will just get warm enough at night for them to start ripening. I can hardly wait and the thought of buying tomatoes at the store leaves me cold. As in I would rather wait until mine ripen.

Social Services should be here soon about getting me some help with Mom, I can definitely use it. I should have asked sooner but I was trying not to be a burden on society, but this is a hard job for just one person and I need to pay the bills.

For some odd reason I could give a flying crap about the elections. I can wait until the next frigging idiot screws the nation even more. In the name of democracy, but not the spirit. Of all the things I've heard this campaign season, none of it involved bringing manufacturing jobs back into the United States. And until we start making something besides headlines and thirty second sound bites, the economy isn't going to change for the better. I don't care what any of the candidates do at this point since none of them are getting my vote, but I do wish the pundits would stop speculating, they've done enough damage to the process as it is. And Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can blow it out their rear orifices. At no time in the last two years (they couldn't take care of the kids or the troops with a President who only has a 28% approval level) have they done anything that the people elected them to do so why should I care what they want? I've officially registered as an Independent. Neither a dime nor my time will be spent on the national elections from now on.


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