Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Link Fest

If the reaction of some of the blogs on the left to Obama's failure of leadership and willingness to compromise the gutting of the Fourth Amendment is any indication, McCain will come closer than $400,000 in funds raised. I feel sorry for some of them, they feel so betrayed. A politician is a politician, it doesn't matter what party they belong to. In one fell swoop, and a little early at that, he revealed that his true intentions are to get elected, not represent the people who enabled him to be in a position to run for president in the fist place. And Pelosi can kiss her constituency goodbye.

Every day that goes by, every action of the Demowienies for the last two years, reinforces my opinion that this election isn't going to change a darn thing. I'm still seriously doubting that we will have an election, but even if we do, the destruction of the Constitution and our economy will continue. It seems to be in Congress' best interests to ignore the wishes of the people and go their own merry way.

Now I'm really awake. Weren't they cute? I know the early bird is supposed to get the worm, but do all the birds have to wake up and sing at the same time? Every morning around 5:10 it goes from quiet to noisy all at once. It's pretty. And when I'm sleepy, it's pretty annoying. And then a half hour later they suddenly stop. All at once. Very weird.

Hmm, this will be as popular as a fart in church. Somebody besides me thinks that we should face reality and do the right thing. If it isn't too late already. Sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay for us breaking the law and I would prefer if it was the people who authorized it and sent down the orders.

A peaceful camping trip with the family turns into dodging bullets and hiding behind trees and cars. What a nightmare. I believe in the right to bear arms, but do they really need all those bullets?

Why the Santa Clara police would believe that a 75 year old veteran was trying to mix it up with a guy many years younger than him totally baffles me. Knowing the manners of the two generations and not the color of their skin tells me who I am more likely to believe. Even if you thought the 75 year old guy was being offensive, it's no reason to cold-cock him.

Our favorite Klingon representative is going to Asia. I wonder if she's going to buy shoes while she's there. For someone who was constantly in the news, Condi has been really quiet for the last year.

Umm, the only way it would be impossible is if you don't have any nuclear facilities. Audacity is something Israel has in spades. Heck, they spy on us and we're their allies.

It's supposed to be 102 degrees today in San Jose. I like the heat but that's a little extreme so early in the summer. Mom doesn't do well in the heat and yesterday while I was at the store she decided (after I told her not to) to go for a ten minute walk at 3 o'clock. No hat and wearing her bedroom slippers, I thought I was going to have a stroke when my neighbor told me. She was overheated for the rest of the day and now I'm scared to leave her alone. If I take her with me she won't leave the car and that isn't a good idea. I guess I'll go to the store when it opens at 9 and that way I'll be able to keep watch.

I think I'll brine some pork chops and then barbecue them later. Since I have all the ingredients (courtesy of Grocery Outlet), I'm looking forward to making these Blue Cheese Crusted Tomatoes. I'll be really glad when my tomatoes are ready, then I bet the recipe will really rock. If there is any corn at the store I'll grill that too. Add a salad and we're good to go. I can't decide between the Spicy Orange Salad with Green Onions or the Watermelon, Green Onion, and Mint Salad. The watermelon would be a better choice for mom since it's so cooling and mint helps to release heat.


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  1. The watermelon salad totally rocked.... I got to be one of the lucky folks who feasted on the menu above.... all I can say is MORE!!!
    Very Very good stuff Deb. Linda