Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sky Is Falling

Alert the media. The illusion that they call pulling oneself up by the bootstrap is under attack. From politics to the weather, people have no control. The middle of the country is underwater, the west is on fire and the east's power grid is unstable. A major bridge fell into the water, New Orleans is still under nominal repair, the economy is tanking, the choice between buying food or buying gas so you can get to work before they lay you off is consuming household budgets and now the press is worried. Funny how they don't mention the destruction of the Constitution or the growing disparity between the have nots and have mores.

This probably isn't clear to those who aren't living in Iraq, but after seven years of war, their husbands and children killed arbitrarily, maybe, just maybe, they don't feel like life is worth living.

The opinion pages are busy this morning. Pointing out the obvious. Of course we need to reduce our dependence on oil instead of a stupid plan that will take years to complete and only benefits the oil companies while doing nothing to prepare us for a future without oil. Where were these guys when we were preparing to trudge off to war?

No. Really? I hadn't noticed. Does America dislike black people more than old people? Some days it's hard to tell, they treat both groups with disdain. Overrepresent the interests of African Americans. Are they serious? The only thing Obama is going to overrepresent is himself. His track record for defending the Constitution is pretty weak, so I'm not expecting him to take care of the little guy. Unless it suits his needs at the time.

This would be funny, if it wasn't so sad. Most men like to have sex with women. This means that there must be a somewhat equal supply of women in order to do that. Then they want to marry a virgin, so now women are opting for surgical intervention in an effort to fulfill a male fantasy and to keep from being a spinster or being killed. Totally missing the obvious in that once you have experience, it's pretty hard to hide it. And what is wrong with women having sex? I thought we settled that question in the sixties.

Good grief! How many drugs do you have to do to get emphysema at 24? Heck, I have asthma and still have more lung function. My mom has smoked since she was eleven and still hasn't been officially diagnosed with emphysema, they're calling it COPD instead. Amy Winehouse is going to die like my friend Jill. Neither one of them was able to give up their bad habits and opted to party until the end. And that's just plain sad.


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