Sunday, July 13, 2008

Conspiracy Sunday

Fatigue?  Wouldn't they have to have done something first?  And by the way, Katrina didn't trigger mass evacuations.   Days after the original damage was done, the government took the opportunity to divide families and prevent return of the people by use of the diaspora technique.  The Big Easy is growing again, just not with the people who gave the city its uniqueness.   But that was probably the plan all along, n'est-ce pas?

Jimmy Carter said it many years ago in his race against Ronald Reagan, it's taken almost thirty years but the job is almost done.  North against South, rich against poor, old against young, black against white, white against everybody, coasts against flyover country, men against women, etc.  Next thing you know only those living in protected enclaves will be allowed a say in government since the rest of us will be considered savages by those who have everything.

Everything is going according to plan.  Nothing to see here, move along.  Especially if the goal was to increase the size of the underclass.  Without good paying jobs throughout a neighborhood, people won't be able to save up for down payments again and if they are working part time jobs they are credit risks and their ability to get a loan is reduced.  Or as JollyRoger likes to put it, welcome to the Shruburbs.

Egg rolls with ranch dressing?  An no one thought to test this woman for being drunk?  The thin blue line in San Jose is sustaining another hit.  Courteous?  I don't think so.  Covering up for a former coworker because they went little too fast is one thing, covering up an alcohol induced car accident where innocent people are hurt is not cool.  It's also illegal and at the rate that this story is growing, someone besides the drunk driver is going to pay.  With their job.

I've been doing my best to keep mom out of any type of care facility and her doctor and I are going to have a discussion about why he hasn't prescribed any meds for the early onset of Alzheimer's but expects me to keep her blood pressure in check.  She wanders around bewildered most of the time, having no clue that what she is doing isn't the right thing, and if she could recover even a little mental function, I would be able to get another part time job to supplement our income.  Waiting until she won't be able to feed herself is foolish and extremely tiring for me.  And I'm not the only one who has notice the misplaced priorities of the healthcare system.  Unfortunately, compared to England we have no system at all.

Who cares if we already can't live on what we make now, much less save half our income for retirement?   Living on 30% less as we get older shouldn't be too much of a strain on us.  It isn't as if we worked our whole lives and contributed to making the United States one of the greatest nations in the world.  Now when you get old you are considered to be a drain on society.  Off to the Soylent Green factory.  See what happens to a generation that didn't want to trust anyone over 30?  Now that they're 60 they can't trust anyone.  Even though it was the conservatives they themselves voted in during the '80s that set us up to have a destitute future with no way out except a lingering death.  The generations that got us through the first Depression, the Second World War and produced the children who became the computer generation, are being treated like so much toilet tissue.  And used at that.



  1. I've said many times that Chimpy is the personification of the worst parts of the "Me Generation." At least Barack Obama would represent a break from those self-centered, callous bums.

  2. I wish I could share your optimism but hope is in short supply and Obama hasn't done anything lately that leads me to believe that he has the country's best interests at heart.