Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drama, Trauma And Stupidity At Its Finest

You don't say.  It isn't just now, they've been going through the motions for years.  Pretending to represent their constituents when all what they are really representing are themselves and the corporations who give them the best bang for their buck.  I long for the old days when the Yankees were the best team that money could buy.  Not that I liked the Yankees, since I was a Reds fan.

Oh good grief, another commercial to speed through on a DVD.  It's so bad now that the running time of the movie is nowhere near the running time on the DVD.   At least the schedule for the theater lets you know that the movie doesn't start until 10-15 minutes after the scheduled showtime.

Umm, everything?

Cracking me up.  Even Scientific American people are determined to believe that civilization didn't start in Africa.  Remember, if you have one drop of black blood, that makes you one of them thar tar babies and that mustn't be allowed to happen.  Absolutely fascinating.

Due to a mental recession and the lost because of bureaucratic nonsense, my paycheck for the last three months was never mailed (It took 10 days for the new time card to arrive and  I was so desperate that I drove it to the office instead of mailing it like they asked.  As if I could afford the gas.  I hear tell I might get paid by this upcoming Friday, or maybe not.), so my inability to pay my Netflix (automatic withdrawal I couldn't change in time, thank goodness I have food in the freezer and Shadow is leaving me some parts of the garden to eat) bill is all in my mind and I'm imagining that B of A didn't charge me $35 for not paying it.  I really should take up a career of writing fiction, then I could work for the Washington Post or whatever else is passing for a news outlet nowadays.

Even working, albeit part time,  isn't helping me out of this mess.

Update:  I was referring to the commenters at SciAm, not the authors of the article.



  1. I really don’t see how you drew your conclusions about the SciAm article. It discusses findings that confirm human origin in Africa, and which rather thoroughly debunk the “regional” hypothesis that different populations arose separately. The article says almost nothing about the origin of human cultures, though there does exist evidence of multiple centers of cultural origin around the world (including Africa). Since it is unlikely that isolated population groups separately evolved almost identical cultural tendencies, that would imply that the roots of culture are also African, and the data described in the SciAm article support that conclusion.

  2. Did you read the comments? They were what I was talking about. The first five that I read had the most convoluted explanations involving Pangea and other assorted reasons why humanity didn't come from Africa.

    They were almost funny in their denialism and one even ried to use the article to prove his point.

  3. Ah, I didn't even think of the comments. As a rule, I only read comments when there is a high probability of unintentional humor in them. At best, they remind me of a line from Dr. Katz: "Do you like dogs?"

    I think I do have to read them, though, if people are talking about Pangea in relation to human origins. It reminds of the 19th-century theosophists and their wild, crackpot theories regarding human development. Although theosophy was often blatantly racist, I had never considered it in the context of biological evolution and our African origin. Now I'm curious.